Friday, February 9, 2018

Music for Youth 2018 Russian Music Contest Award Winners Announced

Music for Youth Poster Contest Winners at Hindley School Cannon Rosen, Pavana Attonito, William Beaven, Sarah Kang, Milana Melnick and Lucie Smith with Principal D.J.Collella

MMS Award Winners, Moera Kamimura, Charlotte Corcoran and Ryan Harnisch

Russian Music Poster award winners at Royle School, Noa Durocher-Pyun, Joe Roche, Giobanni Cagninelli, Lily Keehlwetter, Summer G. Glenday and Cavan Kennedy with Principal dean Ketchum and Music Teacher Kathleen Theisen

Holmes School Award winners, Kimball Atha, Alexander Gray (not pictured) Sadie Golus, Olivia Leimgruber, Oscar Barton and Jake Miller with Principal Paula Bleakley

Congratulations to all of the award winners of the 2018 Music for Youth Contests focused on the "Music of Russia! Curriular Focus Theme for the 2017-18 School year. All posters will be displayed in the lobby of the DHS auditorium for the Barynya Music Ensemble performance on April 17.

Ox Ridge
K-2  1st Annelie Fedoronko  1,  2nd Alice Miller 1 , 3rd Caroline Murphy 1
Grade 3-5  1st Caroline Clemow 3,  2nd Grace Sandoval 5,  3rd Sophie du Pont 5th grade.
K-2   1st Conor Urban 2,  2nd Frances McCabe 2,  3rd Julian Gromelski grade 1,
Grade 3-5   1st Alexandra de Jesus 5, 2nd Tess Hageney 4,  3rd Charlie Frost, grade 3
K-2    1st Cannon Rosen 1,  2nd Pavana Attonito 1, 3rd William Beaven, grade 2                    
Grade 3-5   1st Sarah Kang  , 2nd Milana Melnick 4, 3rd Lucie Smith 4th grade
K-2         1st Noa Durocher-Pyun 2,  2nd Joe Roche 2, 3rd Giovanni Cagninelli 2
3-5          1st Lily Keehlwetter 5 2nd Summer G. Glenday 5, 3rd Cavan Kennedy 3,
K-2         1st Kimball Atha Grade 2    2nd Alexander Gray Grade 2,   3rd Sadie Golus Grade 2
Grade 3-5   1st Olivia Leimgruber 4, 2nd Oscar Barton 5   3rd Jake Miller 5

MMS Writing                                                                                                                                        1st Place:  Moera Kamimura 8th                                                                                                                                    
MMS Art 
1st Place:   Charlotte Corcoran 7th
2nd Place:  Ryan Harnisch
DHS Composition
1st Place: Evelyn Sload 
1st Place: Isabella De La Zerda 9
2nd Place: Sofia Bender 9
DHS Writing

1st Place:  Julia Tong  12

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